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Space Opera

The Jabberwocky

Thank you for purchasing the CX-4000 trader-class frigate! We trust you will be most pleased with your purchase, and have enclosed a 90-day money-back guarantee (redeemable only within the Sol system) with the package. On the Jabberwocky you will find:

  • x1 concealed torpedo bay (-100p)
    • “Warstorm” ion torpedoes
  • x2 pulse cannons (-40p)
  • Fire Control AI (-50p)
  • Standard Plating on Front/Back/Engines (-30p)
  • Standard Vacuum Shield (0p)
  • Atmospheric Re-Entry Shielding (-50p)
  • “Moonlight Smuggler” Stardrive (-100p)
  • Standard Warpdrive (0p)
  • Sub-Atmospheric Navigator (-50p)
  • BPAI (-10p)
  • Anti-Virus (-20p)
  • Frequency Scanner (-30p)
  • Secure Communicator (-20p)
  • Living Quarters
  • Shuttle Bay
  • Medical Bay

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